Monday, October 10, 2011

Yup I am posting- THIS is HAPPENING!!!!

 Alright so no excuses I just plain stink at posting on the blog! Much is happening in life.  Lilly has started pre-school and is enjoying it. It was hard for me to let go- my baby but it has been good. We (Lucy and I) went with Lilly on her first field trip to Owen's Spring Creek Farm and it was a blast. We went on a hayride (the highlight for sure) a maze, picking out pumpkins and feeding the goats.  As you will see in the picture below that is as close as the girls got to the goats. My kids are what I like to call "out doors-ee" free spirits, animal whisperers!!! Ha!  Not so much. I love that they are cautious however. Makes me less neurotic. Lilly said on the car     ride home, 'mom this was the best day ever!!!'  Lucy loves to ride on Lilly like she is a pony and yells, "giddy-up horsey" it is awesome.  They absolutely love and adore each other. They are so fun and challenging- a real learning experience these kiddos.  Whew, I wish I was a quicker study, but ah well. Side note, I made cinnamon sugar covered walnuts yesterday and it made the whole house smell amazing and fall-ee. I love fall-I have literally been making pumpkin shakes for myself almost everyday. I LOVE pumpkin. And we here in Texas are hitting the 80's pretty consistently-pretty excited about that. I'm just waiting to bust out my sweaters and get ready to layer clothes again. Can't wait, can't wait. The other morning it was a little breezy and about 73 we were taking Lilly to preschool and both my girls were complaining that it was sooooo cold. Yup. Little sad huh?? But when your body is used to at least 90 on average than I guess 73 feels chilly?? Again my kids, out-doors-ee. I am now going to attempt to come up with some sort of craft-ish type thing because it has been a lazy morning and we need to get moving on something...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter and lots of other stuff to catch up on...

Okay so life is going fast and slow at the same time-it amazes me that it can do that but we all know that it can and does!!!! Kids are growing fast and we are still in the thick of Collin's school. One year to go-whew it is a long road but I am told worth it!!!! He loves what he does and that is worth all the school in and of itself I think. Lilly and Lucy are playing better together- right now they are under the kitchen table playing house I think. Lucy hangs on Lilly's every word and Lilly loves to boss her little sister around!!!! Lucy has started to take her clothes and diaper off the second she gets the chance- so she is exiled to onesies until she gives up that fight!!! She so exultant when she gets that diaper off and runs around for a victory lap!!! It is honestly so funny if not for the whole peeing on the floor almost right as she whips the thing off! They are honestly the most adorable kiddos, I am lucky. I have discovered that having kids has brought out a side of myself that I didn't know I had. A TEMPER. Sad I know. Well it is true I have a pretty good one. I have been trying to find more patience within myself and I have been praying that I can be better as a mother. I hate to lose my temper. I feel like Heavenly Father is testing me big time with the patience thing. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 20 month old- I teach CTR 4's in Primary and I teach ballet to 3 and 4 year olds. BAM! I MUST become more patient. LOADS of patience!!!!! But it is good- a challenge. We all need those right?? In one of my slight emotional break downs I decided I to chop off like 10 inches of hair. I got a bob. Not sure how I feel about it but it is done. It takes less time and shampoo to wash it!!! But jury's still out. Well on to the recap of oh the last 3 1/2 months, in no particular order as usual!!! Bring it on...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas time means laughter

So much to catch up on...I am going to put a few pics up and upload videos tonight when the kiddos are asleep. Lucy refuses to let me use the computer without her assistance!!!!! All I can say is that Christmas was wonderful we missed my family but it was fun to be here in Texas with Collin's family and have our own thing at our house too!!!! There will be more later today-I've got so many cute videos. I wish it didn't take like 2 hours to upload just 1!!!!! Ah well, I will be selective in my choices!!! Love to you all!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


That is what Lilly calls braces. Yeah she is pretty cute. All is well, girls are getting bigger and Lilly is such a little girl- the baby is gone. Kind of makes me want to cry but is awesome to witness as well. Collin is busy, life is busy, we are just busy. It is good busy though, we are blessed. I'm getting so excited for Halloween, Lilly is going to be Sleeping Beauty and Lucy is still up in the air. I miss my family, we all need to live closer to each other!!!! Here are a few pics and video. I miss you all so much!!!

Lucy tickles from Liana Kraus on Vimeo.

A conversation with Lilly and Lucy from Liana Kraus on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

90210- Lucy's 1st Birthday!!!!

I can't believe it has been 1 whole year since Lucy was born. Literally is feels like just yesterday I was very pregnant with her, it can't have been a year already!!!! So crazy how fast time has flown by. I just wanted to throw a quick post up to celebrate my little girl. She is so wonderful and I (we) feel so blessed to have our two little angels!!!! Also, a friend called me to tell me that they were noting on the news this morning that the date is 90210 which is just cool.